Lizzie Davis
Transposing Studies
für Horn
Verlag: Emerson Edition Ltd. DirektbestellungStil: ModerneAusgabe: NotenArt-Nr.: E2546A / LD12 Level: (3) 

The 24 pieces in this book are specifically composed to allow transposition into any key, as none of them have key signatures.

Mouth Piece
Above and Below
The Heavy Mob
Push Ups
Cloth of Gold
Five Bean Salad
Colour It In
Bus Stop
Deep Thoughts
Time for a Change
Let's Have a Ball
Catch the Tube
On the Horns of a Dilemma
Donkey's Years
Kilt and Piper
Soft Shoe Shuffle
Trick Cyclist Give Me the Change
Downtown Girl Road!
Inky Blues Parisienne Chick
Sleepless Night Clock that Cuckoo!

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