Lizzie Davis
Transposing Horn 2
für Horn
Verlag: Emerson Edition Ltd. DirektbestellungStil: ModerneAusgabe: NotenArt-Nr.: E2546B / LD38 Level: (3) 

The 24 pieces in this book are specifically composed to allow transposition into any key, as none of them have key signatures.

Down A Notch
Snakes And Ladders
Sort It Out
Shiver My Timbers
Pony Tale
Change Your Mind
Trouble Ahead
Witch Waltz
Dozy and Co.
A Suitable Girl
Behind The Door
Torpedo Run
Cheer Up!
How About It?
Deep Blue
Lucky Me! The Fountains Of Naples
Empty Notebook Apples And Pears
Touch Down Found A Hitch
Bloomin' Bells! Spare Change

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