Andreas Schickentanz
for the modern trombone (en)
Verlag: de Haske - Hal LeonardAusgabe: NotenArt-Nr.: E3692 / GN1004448 Level: (3) 

The slide trombone is fundamentally different from other wind instruments.(There are no keys, valves, or anything like that, but the instrument offers us other things, such as a slide that can be used for glissandi, as well as a variety of alternative slide positions that can be used in conjunction with the techniques discussed in this book.

The topic is a specific articulation technique, namely lip slurs between harmonics.

Flexibilities should be used as a tool which enhances and enriches our playing.

This book is for everyone, regardless of style, even if the autor´s jazz background shines through.

There is a link to audio examples for a better understanding.

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