Messner, ManfredPurcell, Henry
Chacony for 8 part Trombone Ensemble
für 3 Euphonien
Musik arrangiert von: Hawthorne, JessicaMusik arrangiert von: Sauer, RalphVerlag: Cherry Classics MusicStil: Barock / RenaissanceArt-Nr.: G3479 Level: (3-4) 

Purcell's Chacony was written around 1680 while in the employ of King Charles II and scored for 4-part strings. It is about 6 minutes in length and probably used as music for the theatre and later put in concert format.

The Chacony or Chaconne has been arranged for 8-part Trombone Ensemble in two choirs by Ralph Sauer for moderately advanced performers.

Unusual chord progressions and delicious dissonances are in abundance.

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