Tarik O'Regan
Threshold of Light für Blechbläserquintett, gem. Chor + Orgel
Blechbläser Stimmensatz
Verlag: Novello MusicStil: Moderne Geistliche- und KirchenmusikAusgabe: NotenArt-Nr.: G5165A / NOV957649-01 

Dur: 7 min
ORCHESTRATION: hn.2tpt.tbn.tba/org

The piece is a setting of a ninth century Eater hymn by Sedulius Scottus in an English translation by Helen Wadell. Rich in imagery of springtime in nature, the piece reaches its climax with the words The Easter joy, the Threshold of Light.

Threshold of Light has been commissioned by the Memorial Church at Harvard University in celebration of its 75th anniversary and is premiered on 6 April by the Harvard University Choir and Edward Elwyn Jones, Gund University Organist and Choirmaster.


Translation by Helen Waddell (1889-1965)

Last night did Christ the Sun rise from the Dark,
Thy mystic harvest of the fields of God,
And now the little wandering tribes of bees
Are brawling in the scarlet flowers abroad.
The winds are soft with birdsong; all night long
Darkling the nightingale her descant told,
And now inside church doors the happy folk
The Alleluia chant a hundredfold.
O father of thy folk, be thine by right
The Easter joy, the threshold of light.

Sedulius Scottus (ca 820 880)

Surrexit Christus sol verus vespere noctis,
surgit et hinc domini mystica messis agri.
nunc vaga puniceis apium plebs laeta labore
floribus instrepitans poblite mella legit.
nunc variae volucres permulcent aethera cantu
temperat et pérnox nunc philomela melos.
nunc chorus ecclesiae cantat per cantica Sion,
alleluia suis centuplicatque tonis.
Tado, pater patriae, caelestis gaudia paschae
percipias meritis limina lucis: ave.

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