Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
2 Concert Studies |Due Solfeggi KV 393, No. 2 & 3
für Horn und Orgel (Klavier)
Musik arrangiert von: Hermann JeurissenVerlag: Golden River MusicStil: KlassikAusgabe: NotenArt-Nr.: R2369 / 9003988 Level: (3-4) 

Collection Herman Jeurissen

2 Concert Studies
Due Solfeggi KV 393, No. 2 & 3 for horn in E-flat and organ (piano)

This edition of 2 Concert Studies for horn and organ (piano) is based on two of the four Solfeggios (1782-1783) that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart dedicated to his beloved wife Constanze - 'Per la mia cara consorte'. They are not only excellent study pieces for the singer, but also eminent concert studies for any horn player studying Mozart's horn concertos. All kinds of scales and arpeggios, long phrases, clear articulations, big leaps, trills, not to mention stamina training are all elements indispensable for the preparation of K. 417 and K. 495.

In the world of horn and brass ensemble music from the 18th and 19th centuries, original high-quality ensemble repertoire appears to be scarce. Additionally, students and advanced amateurs are rarely given the opportunity to perform important Romantic symphonic works by Bruckner, Mahler etc. and Wagner's great operas in their original versions. Orchestral part studies with only the original parts, and above all, a lot of rest are not always inspiring. For this reason, throughout his extensive career as a horn pedagogue, Herman Jeurissen wrote a considerable number of arrangements. These include shorter compositions by the great masters, allowing for an accessible introduction to their style and writing.

Suite No. 1 Arianna in Creta (2 horns in D)
1. Sinfonia: aria Deh! Lascia un tal desio (original in B-flat) 2. Siciliana: final chorus
3. Air: aria In mar temestoso
4. Minuet: introduction to the First act
5. Giga: aria Qail Leon, che fere irato

Suite No. 2 in D major
6. Fanfare: chorus of Asiates (2nd act) from Alexander Balus 7. Minuet: final chorus from Admeto (original in F)
8. Air: final chorus from Sosarme (original in F)
9. Gavotta: final chorus from Atalanta
10. Giga: aria Se contente fai mia brama from Radamisto

Suite No. 3 in F major
11. Entrée: final chorus from Scipione (original in G)
12. Passepied: final chorus from Tolomeo
13. Marche from Floridante
14. Air: aria Alle sfere della gloria from Sosarne
15. Minuet: Bacchus chorus from Alexanders Feast

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