Hans Leo Hassler
Three Madrigals for 5 Trombones
für 5 Posaunen
Verlag: Cherry Classics MusicStil: RomantikAusgabe: NotenArt-Nr.: F3881 / --------------- Level: (3-4) 

Hans Leo Hassler (1564-1612), son of an Organist, was born in Nuremberg and received his initial training in music from his father. As a young man he studied in Venice and became close friends with Giovanni Gabrieli, both eventually studying composition with Giovanni's Uncle Andrea. Hassler gained a reputation as an innovative composer and also traveled throughout Germany as a consultant in the construction of Pipe Organs.

The first part is in Tenor Clef, the rest in Bass Clef. The works can be performed by intermediate players. The three movements total about seven minutes in length. Good for recitals and concerts.

1. Tanzen und Springen (Dancing and Jumping)

2. Ach, weh des Leiden (Oh Pain and Suffering)

3. Herzlieb zu dir Allein (I Give my Dear Heart to You Alone)

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