Guilmant, Felix Alexandre
Morceau Symphonique op. 88 for Bass trombone and Piano
für Bassposaune und Klavier
Musik arrangiert von: Goodwin, WadeVerlag: Cherry Classics MusicStil: RomantikArt-Nr.: K33253 Level: (3-4) 

Morceau Symphonique, Op. 88 by French organist and composer Alexandre Guilmant was composed in 1902 and first used as an examination piece (Morceau de concours) by the Conservatoire de Paris. It is dedicated to his friend Théodore Dubois, the Director of the National Conservatory of Music. (IMSLP)

Morceau Symphonique has become one of the staples of the solo Trombone repertoire, a "must perform" work for aspiring artists because it is jam-packed with so many inspiring musical phrases. This work "forces" the young performer into thinking in a musical line, combining expressive and technical challenges in a 6-7 minute work.

Jesicca Hawthorne has beautifully arranged this classic of the Trombone repertoire for two Trombones and it really works well! Two scores are provided for ease of reading.

The second part is easily playable on a Tenor-Bass or Bass Trombone. The first part is exactly as the original, so the performer may use their own part as an option.

Also great for teacher/student practice in studio work.

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