Gesualdo di Venosa, Carlo / Palmer, Bradley
Three Motets for 5 Trombones
für 5 Posaunen
Verlag: Cherry Classics MusicStil: RomantikAusgabe: NotenArt-Nr.: F3882 / --------------- Level: (3-4) 

Carlo Gesualdo, who lived in the late Renaissance period is compared to Richard Wagner because of his shifting harmonies. His music was considered "progressive" and even today we are taken aback by the violent shifts in tonality. An additional bit of information about the composer is that he murdered his wife and her lover after discovering them together.

The Three Motets for Five Trombones come from a series of sacred works from 1603 titled, Sacrarum Cantionum Liber Primus. The setting works beautifully for Trombone Choir. Dr. Bradley Palmer has done a beautiful job of transcribing and editing these works.

Edited for advanced performers, the range of these works is up to high C for the 1st part and pedal B-flat for the Bass Trombone.

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